Scenes From Films That's Don't Exist

I quite often find myself in time zones or countries that don't really allow for easy contact with friends and family back home. The places I visit (LA, New York, Shanghai, Tokyo, Seoul among others) are very large metropolitan cities that, very much like London, despite having millions of inhabitants can feel so lonely. I walk the streets as a stranger out of my own comfort zone, drawn to places and characters I know little about. I find myself drawn to what could be regarded as cinematic lighting at night time and how that highlights certain aspects of the streets I am walking along. I become a background character in an unknown story, never knowing whether the things that catch my eye are relevant to the plot or significant to the action about to happen.

With each image I create, I'm projecting myself into the scene and then wondering about other people's lives: I'm alone here and so is that person. My images question the nature of this relationship between photographer and subject; both individuals with a story of our own, a history and a future unknown to each other. I've called the project 'Scenes From Films That Don't Exist'.

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